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Ernie Graves Company has been providing industrial instrumentation for analyzing, measuring, and controlling critical process applications for more than 50 years.

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We’ve wrapped up the finishing touches on our latest measurement products overview brochure. CLICK HERE to download a copy of it. Be sure to let us know what you think!


The manufactures represented by Ernie Graves Company are truly top tier performers. From extensive application expertise to benchmark products, we’ve got you covered.


Featured Process Measurement & Control Products

SERVOMEX SERVOTOUGH MINILASER is the world’s smallest cross-stack laser analyzer. Find out why smaller is better.
SITRANS P DSIII series pressure transmitter by Siemens stands for measuring accuracy, durability and especially for technically advanced user-friendliness.
Brodie BiRotor Plus™ meter is a volumetric flow measuring device designed for the accurate measurement of petroleum liquids in a variety of applications.
Brooks SLMf series digital thermal mass flow meter/controller products are designed specifically for use in harsh environments.

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Siemens Level Video

How Does Siemens Level Technology Save You Money?

Colby Graves | Measurement & Control | No Comments
Little to no maintenance: With reliable level measurement, your employees now have more time to manage the rest of your operations. Tracking inventory: Once you know what’s in your process...
Siemens Mobile Showcase


Colby Graves | Company News | No Comments
The showcase holds and demonstrates various Siemens Process Instrumentation control and measurement equipment. Within the 53 foot tractor trailer there are working demos for you to use and test. The...

First of Its Kind: Flowmeter Communication Via iPhone App

Colby Graves | Application Solutions | No Comments
Introducing the latest in clamp-on flowmeter communications from Siemens, the SITRANS CONNECTION. Flow measurement has gone mobile! With the new SITRANS CONNECTION app and connection kit for Apple iOS devices, Siemens...

Brooks Instrument 3809G Introduction: One World One Product

Colby Graves | Measurement & Control | No Comments
This presentation describes how the latest variable area flow meter innovation from the flow experts at Brooks Instrument can help meet the needs of your most challenging applications. KEY TAKE-AWAYS: See and...

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